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Get insights into what works & replicate success

Equip your team with a unified winning process, ensuring consistent top-tier performance.

Embed best practices in daily workflows

Decode and replicate the elements of successful sales, turning victories into a standard practice.

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Sales process

Guide throughout the sales process & enhance predictability

Boost trust in your sales team, ensuring they follow the same criteria and report accurately.

See a clear path for a closed-won deal with real-time visibility

Get a clear picture of what is the next step and where is the block on every deal

Next steps

Automate your workflow

using AI

Boost your notes

Populate a template, extract action items or generate a quick summary from your raw notes.

Automate CRM updates

Get suggested CRM updates and populate all the relevant fields in a click.

Generate follow-up emails

Leverage AI to create personalized follow-up emails that uses context from your meetings and CRM data.  

Features that make your day simpler

A single window, that holds all the apps and data you need.

That allows you to stay in context. Keep CTRL open alongside your workflow.

Make updates and changes across applications with ease in a simple and intuitive way.

With dynamic suggestions from CTRL that help you stay up to date and work smarter.


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