What's new in Ctrl? (01/23)

November 9, 2023
Aviv Nahum
Co-founder & CTO

A belated happy new year, everyone! We finished 2022 with a bang, and the last couple of sprints added great new features. From Jira support, through UI improvements to entirely new functionality, this has been a productive month for us :)

Let’s dive in and break down the new additions:

Expanded quick actions

Saving precious time is one of our main goals, and towards that end we’ve added a bunch of new quick actions you can take straight from the workspace.

For those of you who take a lot of meetings - you can now send an email as a quick action instead of having to copy notes or compose it externally. Managing your Salesforce entries also became easier: Creating new contacts, cases or opportunities in Salesforce can also be done as a quick action straight from Ctrl - you can even log meeting attendants as Salesforce contacts on the fly.

Emailing meeting notes is only one of the options you now have, but notes can also be converted into CRM entries, Slack summaries, Salesforce cases and events, Jira issues and more. All in all an important step in making Ctrl the most efficient place to work in your CRM stack.

New Integration - Jira

As mentioned above, Jira is now supported with multiple cards! Customers face a variety of stakeholders in your company - sales reps, customer success experts, technical support and more. With the addition of Jira to our supported integrations, you can now interact with every Jira task and feature request related to the Salesforce or HubSpot customer you’re looking at without ever having to leave your workspace.

This can be helpful when trying to understand customer pains and technical challenges, when figuring out whether to offer an upsell package, or when following up with the customer and wanting to create an instant connection by showing familiarity with their needs.

Note & Email templates

Last but not least, you can now view, edit or create your own note and email templates, making it faster and easier to note information, share with your team or send it to your customer. By building a small selection of templates that fit your day to day routine you can save hours every week that you'd otherwise spend typing.

Save as many templates as your day to day requires

We’re already hard at work on the next bunch of features and integrations, here’s hoping 2023 will be every bit as productive as 2022 has been for our team - stay tuned for the next update!

Aviv Nahum
Co-founder & CTO

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