What's new in Ctrl? (10/22)

November 9, 2023
Omri Sagzan
Co-founder & CEO

Our quest for building the best workspace for SaaS sales and CS professionals continues! These have been a busy couple of months - we have gone out of stealth, published an early product and got a lot of feedback from early adopters that will fuel our next few sprints. Let’s take a look at what’s new in Ctrl:

New Chrome Extension

While the full app already had customizable views that make it easy to stay in context, we noticed that many early users prefer to use Ctrl while keeping an eye on other platforms, working in other tabs or while meeting in video.

The new Chrome Extension mode enables users to use Ctrl in any page or platform as a Chrome sidebar, and you can quickly switch between a full window and a sidebar view with a single click, depending on what your current task is and what’s the most comfortable way for you to keep your stack up to date.

New Integration - Hubspot

We are constantly adding new valuable integrations based on your feedback and the input we get from design partners, and the past two months have been packed. Ctrl is now integrated with Hubspot!

Just like our SalesForce integration, you can view customer details, add tasks and notes, track account activity and update Hubspot easily from the Ctrl workspace.

We are hard at work on the next integration that will save you hours every day and make it easy to update all of your platforms and apps at once.

Card Management & Filters

A big part of making Ctrl the most comfortable way to work is making it easy to configure. You can now personalize each view’s card selection, order and layout, so you see only what you need to see, in the way you like to see it.

After selecting the cards that matter to you, easily filter each card for more relevant information. For example, in SalesForce you can look at tasks due today, or check tasks which have been updated by someone else since you last interacted with them.

Early Access is Live!

After working behind closed doors with design partners, it’s time to open the gates and invite some of you early adopters to join the fun. Ctrl is currently free as long as you provide us with feedback and suggestions - you can try it out for yourself after answering a couple of questions through our homepage.

Omri Sagzan
Co-founder & CEO

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