What's new in Ctrl? (11/22)

November 9, 2023
Omri Sagzan
Co-founder & CEO

Salesforce support for cases & opportunities

We are constantly learning from early adopters and design partners, trying to foresee their needs and implement solutions before they arise. In this week's update, we unlocked new Salesforce cards you can add to your Ctrl workspace based on user requests and research.

The new cards include cases, opportunities and contacts views for Salesforce entities, making it easier than ever to build the perfect workspace for your needs and save hours of looking up the data between platforms.

New integration - Zendesk

After bringing Hubspot into our workspace last month, it's time to show some love to customer success and retention managers who need a close eye on their support tickets - Zendesk is now supported!

With the new Zendesk cards, you can browse and filter a customer's past support tickets and conversations, making it easy to follow up, relate to their challenges and provide a great customer experience.

A view to start your day with & quick actions

On the experience front, we are happy to introduce the new home tab. Some of our lovely early adopters have commented on wanting to have a home screen that gives them a meeting overview and helps them get into their day more quickly - check out the new home tab live in Ctrl!

We plan to expand on this feature and make it more contextual, relevant and useful based on what your day looks like and what you most common challenges are. Please keep sharing ideas that will make your day better, we love developing features that we know you're interested in.

Ctrl is all about making your magic happen with as few actions and clicks as possible. Towards that end, we added new quick actions: integration-based common actions that can be initiated from the workspace without having to navigate or find it in each specific app.

For example, you can one click log calls, log emails, create new meetings and tasks in HubSpot, create new contacts in Salesforce, and even send a quick email using the new feature.

Join the fun

We're already hard at work on the next set of useful features, and you can be a part of it! We invite you to become an early adopter, share feedback and requests, and help us build the best product for your particular needs.
If you haven't already tried Ctrl, visit our homepage and send us your information, we'll reach back with everything you need to get started.

Omri Sagzan
Co-founder & CEO

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