Life at Ctrl - Company Week

November 9, 2023
Aviv Nahum
Co-founder & CTO

The best thing about working on our product is the people we build it with. Since day one, our team has been all over the globe - we have our offices in Tel Aviv and in London but most of our company works from home or as nomads, which means we mostly know each other from chats and video conferences.

Last week we had a rare opportunity to gather from all over the globe and enjoy each other in full 3D glory. To get to know each other better, we left our comfort zone as well as cellular reception range to see some sights.

View in Makhtesh Ramon

Later in the week, we held our first ever internal hackathon, two days of creativity and new cool ideas. We ended up building four amazing ideas - a couple of them you’ll be seeing in the product over the next few months.

On our journey we heard stories from locals we visited, played around with Alpacas, and worked together to complete fun missions in between. Thanks to our amazing HR team, every break was packed with great food, drinks and interesting content.

At the end of the week the team dispersed back across the globe, but we will definitely do this again as soon as we can. Check out our open positions, new openings are coming soon and we’d love to have you join our next company week!

Aviv Nahum
Co-founder & CTO

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